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High Adhesion

Flashing Tape

3040BK (Black)

Flash windows, doors, and deck beams. Use anywhere you need permanent protection.

3040BK waterproofing decking tape

Introducing G-Tape

The story of Nichigo G-Tape™ starts with the highest quality standards of any tape sold in the US today. Nichigo G-Tape™ is manufactured by Nippon Gohsei in Japan and is sold through Nippon Gohsei USA, a US corporation. All G-Tape™ products feature a patened combination of solvent acrylic adhesive with an advanced backing substrate that results in unmatchable performance. G-Tape™ is a P.S.A. tape (pressure sensitive adhesive). Applying pressure to G-Tape™ is required for optimal adhesion. 

Choose The Right Product

When deciding on what tape to purchase one has to ask “what do I want this tape to do?”

Do you want a tape that can be cleanly removed at some point without leaving a residue behind? Do you want a tape that can be used outdoors and exposed to weather for many months? Or do you want a permanent bond that can offer protection to a building for many decades?

Nichigo G-Tape™ offers a complete line of tapes for construction including surface protection tape, seam tape, HVAC tape, and Acrylic Flashing.


When you choose G-Tape™ for the job you will be buying the very best. 

G-Tape™ Construction, Industrial, Institutional and Consumer Series Products


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G-Tape™ Construction Series Products

3040 Series